What Else is on August 2nd Ballot?

With all the attention given to the “Value Them Both” Amendment, Kansas voters may be wondering what else is on this summer’s primary ballot. In my  most recent column,  I discussed the requirements for voting and two primary races worth watching.

Up To Date on Public Opinion Polling

  It was great to appear on KCUR's Up To Date last week to discuss public opinion polling with Steve Kraske and Robyn Kuhlmann.

Love, Respect, and Concern for iGen ("Generation Z")

  In  last week’s column , I offer a celebration for the kindness, inclusiveness and sincerity of iGen/GenZ. I also express concern for their high levels of anxiety.

Are Americans More Divided Than Ever? Not Even Close

  Divided, yes--but are Americans more divided than we've ever been? Not even close, I wrote in my latest MPSA blog post .

Felony Disenfranchisement interview on KKFI

 Last month, we had another great interview on KKFI!  Linda Trautman joined me and we discussed felony disenfranchisement.  You can stream that April 12 episode at this link and also catch our upcoming episodes, Understanding Gerrymandering (May 17 with Brian Hollenbeck) and History of Voter Suppression (June 7 with Russell Brooker)

Where is Civic Education in Regents' Recommendations?

  The Kansas Board of Regents has validated existing reading standards and called for more math to be taught to high-school students. They also want students to receive help applying for financial aid and taking dual-enrollment high school courses. Fine–but with American democracy on life support, where is civic education, I asked in  last week’s column , which got picked up by Yahoo News from the Topeka Capital Journal?