Marshall or Wagle? Never-Kobach Republicans running out of time

If the Republican Party cannot clear a lane for Congressman Roger Marshall, Kris Kobach is likely to win the nomination for Senate and make the race competitive, I wrote in last week's column

What did George Washington really think of the parties?

I wrote this blog post on political parties for President's Day back in 2018 and have since made it an annual tradition to re-post each year. It is one of the blog posts of which I am the most proud.

New MPSA blog post: Will Trump's Coalition Hold?

Fewer Abortions? Kansas Legislature, You're doing it wrong

I agree with the Kansas Legislature that fewer abortions is a good policy goal.  But they are doing it wrong, I argued in last week’s column.

There is a political center on gun rights

The conventional wisdom says there’s no political center on gun rights.  This is incorrect, I wrote  in my most recent column.

Wichita mayor-elect wins with Democrats' playbook

Are Wichita's mayoral elections really nonpartisan anymore?  Mayor-elect Brandon Whipple ran a strategy right out of Kansas Democrats' playbook, while his opponents made a mess of things, I wrote in this month's column