Is the Trans ban a job killer?

 Governor Kelly recently vetoed Kansas “Trans ban” on Transgender female athletes. Had it passed, would it have cost jobs? Maybe, but that’s not the strongest argument against it, I wrote in last week’s column:

Biased? Sure. Lying? No.

 Biases in human endeavors are inevitable--and often unconscious.  But, that doesn't mean that the news media are lying, I wrote in my latest MPSA blog entry.

Podcast with Bob Beatty on the state of Kansas Politics

  This article in the Kansas Reflector features an embedded podcast in which Bob Beatty and I discuss this year's legislative session and the 2022 election.

The news media may be biased, but they're not lying

  Accusations that the news media are biased are now so common as to become cliché. The media may be biased, but they're not lying, I wrote in my latest MPSA blog .

What really happened at the Kansas Department of Labor?

  There is plenty of blame to go around for the slow processing and data hacks related to the Kansas Department of Labor, I wrote in  last month’s column

Quoted in in-depth Salina Post story about conspiracy theories

 I was honored to be interviewed by Leslie Eikleberry of the Salina Post on conspiracy theories, and this was the result.  

Conspiracy theories endanger lives and democracy

 ...and it's happening right here in Kansas, I argued in my recent column .