Not a Drop to Drink

  Kansas’ farmers help feed the world, but the water level is falling in the High Plains Aquifer that irrigates Western Kansas and neighboring states. We have known about this for some time but not passed effective policies to manage the water. It’s time for action, I wrote Michael Smith  last week's column.

The Trump-Biden era in U.S. China policy

 Conventional wisdom holds that Presidents Trump and Biden could not be more different, but I actually find some remarkable similarities between them regarding trade and U.S.-China relations, which I wrote about in my latest MPSA Blog post.

Lobbyists Have Too Much Influence Over Writing Legislation

  Lobbyists have a right to influence legislation, but in today’s Kansas and other legislatures, they are increasingly taking over the process of actually writing it. This is bad for democracy and leads to bad policy, I wrote in   last week’s column .* *Note: To clarify, the Kansas Revisor of Statutes does write the final language of bills and amendments considered by the Kansas Legislature. However, I stand by my point about lobbyists having too much influence over the process.

The Past, Present, and Future of the Kansas City Chiefs' Name

 There are growing calls from Native American advocates to change the Kansas City Chiefs' Name. But that name comes with a complicated history, I wrote in last week's column .

Voters Should Scrutinize Schmidt's Inaction Toward Kobach

  Governor Laura Kelly is trying hard to tie her opponent Derek Schmidt to former Governor Brownback–but the real story is Schmidt’s inaction while Kris Kobach usurped the power of the Attorney General’s office, I wrote in   last week’s column .

Has Kris Kobach Changed?

  The “new” Kris Kobach is running for Attorney General this year. Is he the same as the old Kris Kobach? I reviewed Kobach’s long history of controversy and drama in   last week’s column .