Can Gerrymandering be Measured?

I teamed up with ESU mathematician Brian Hollenbeck to tackle the gerrymandering question in this MPSA blog post.

KTWU's "I've Got Issues": Transparency in Government

I appeared recently on KTWU's "I've Got Issues" to discuss transparency in Kansas Government.

Appearance on Kansas Week May 17

I appeared on Kansas Week this May with Sen Oletha Faust-Gaudeau, Rep. Kristey Williams, and host Pilar Pedraza this past May.  We discussed Rep. Sharice Davids, suicides, and college tuition.

Stand Up to Saudi Arabia

I argued that Sen. Moran is right--and Sen. Roberts and Secretary of State Pompeo are wrong--on Saudi Arabia, in last week's column.

Right and Wrong Ways Toward Fewer Abortions

I don't like abortion, either, but there's a right way and a wrong way continue the already-falling number of abortions performed in the U.S.  Criminalizing the procedure is the wrong way.  I detail the right way in my latest column.

Archive of my old blog entries at

Hi one and all!  My old WordPress blog was my first one ever, and it has served me well.  But, it's getting a little long in the tooth, and they want me to pay a subscription to remove the horrid ads that pop up when reading it on a mobile device (12 signs of a heart attack, the one food you must not eat, how to cheat casinos, etc.).  So, I'm moving to Blogger.  But all my old posts are still archived, just visit: